Paritua Vineyard and Winery.


At Paritua Vineyards, we appreciate that truly great wine speaks of the land in which it was born.

Our vineyards in the heart of New Zealand's acclaimed wine-growing region, Hawkes Bay, are all stony soils and gentle contours, surrounded by hills and blessed with long, lingering summers and clear, crisp winters... exceptional conditions to create exceptional wines.

Wines bearing our boutique label Paritua are produced only in outstanding vintages, whilst our Stone Paddock selection of wines are made every year using grapes grown on our own estate and carefully selected regional vineyards.

Paritua wines are available in New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark and China

We invite you to experience our Paritua and Stone Paddock wines - wines that not only reflect a distinctly New Zealand style, but also our passion for quality winemaking.


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